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When you pick up your dog’a poop with a plastic bag, tie it in a knot and chuck it in the trash, do you get an unsettling feeling that you’re hitting the can but missing the boat? Isn’t there a better way to dispose of this stuff?

If we want achieve true zero waste, we need to find simple solutions for the 4% of residential waste generated by our beloved pets. It’s time to turn a new page.

Professional composting is an elegant solution to an inelegant problem. Composting upcycles dog waste into a safe, useful product while diverting this nuisance material from walkways and landscape, landfills and streams. EnviroWagg, LLC is processing dog waste into Doggone Good Compost®, a safe and nutrient-rich soil amendment that greens up plants.

  • Indiegogo campaign

    Indiegogo campaign

    The scoop OK – you pick up after your dog 100% of the time using a plastic bag then throw it in the trash. Truly commendable! But do you ever get the feeling that […]

  • Boulder upcycling at trail heads

    Boulder upcycling at trail heads

    Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks recently began offering compostable dog pick-up bags at Bobolink, Dry Creek and Mount Sanitas trail heads.  Used bags are deposited in specially marked bins which are picked up by Pet […]

  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself

    Alternatives to trashing pet waste Many agencies concerned with public health discourage pet waste recycling. And their concern is justified. If not done conscientiously and with consistent effort, the result could be pollution, odor […]

  • Rationale and relevant issues

    Rationale and relevant issues

    Eighty-three million dogs call the U.S. their home.  Each year these pups produce more than 11 million tons of waste.  That’s enough to fill 109 football fields – including end zones -10 feet deep. Country […]


  • We plant the same annual flowers around our parking lot every year. When we used Doggone Good Compost, the flowers went bonkers!

    Dave Matthews, sales associate, Willow Run Feed and Supply, Broomfield, Co.
  • I bought three orchid stalks, planted them in pots and hoped for the best. I mixed some Doggone Good Compost into one of the pots. The ‘doggie stalk’ quickly sprouted two branches of white blossoms.

    Jessica Baker, Boulder, Co.
  • A friend gave me a Kalanchoe plant that was doing poorly but revived after I gave it compost from one of your sample compost bags.

    Monica Marston, Denver

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 “Eighty-three million dogs in the U.S. generate more than 11 million tons of waste each year.”

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