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Commercial processing

To ensure a high quality product, DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® is prepared only by professionals under large-scale commercial conditions. Each batch of compost is thoroughly tested for all pathogens harmful to people and pets. The final high-quality product is safe, smells great, and greens up plants to the max.

DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® is continually evaluated to ensure that it contains components that will rejuvenate soil and provide nutrients productive to healthy plant root and foliage development. Dog waste is higher in nitrogen than farm animal manure and must be processed to eliminate ammonia and salt. Bacteria and fungi use nitrogen for the key function of protein synthesis during the composting process.

DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® contains composted dog manure, pine bark, natural enzymes and mychorrizae for vigorous root growth. Each batch is tested by the Colorado State University Environmental Quality Laboratory to meet EPA pathogen requirements for treated biosolids. We also test the compost for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, balanced pH and saline levels that produce bountiful plants.

Apply a layer of DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® and till it into your flower bed or vegetable garden. Add it to the soil when planting trees, shrubs and flowers. Or work it into the ground around existing plantings. Compost enriches and loosens soil, retains moisture. This soil amendment also slowly releases nutrients as required by the plants and adds living microorganisms for healthy growth.

Doggone Good Potting Soil Mixture is a perfect blend of peat moss, DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® and vermiculite. This product performs exceptionally well in flower pots, containers and window boxes which require loose, fertile soil with good drainage.

Buy 8-quart bags of Doggone Good Potting Soil Mixture at these retail locations.

Green Up HouseplantsOR...

Try a sample of Doggone Good Compost on your houseplants.
Follow directions on the label and add it to your existing potting mix to give your plants a boost - any time of the year!
Order two 15 oz bags – $10.95 U.S. includes domestic shipping & handling.

Customers outside the U.S. and commercial accounts:
contact envirowagg@comcast.net.