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For generations public health agencies have warned against the hazards of dog and cat waste with good cause. These carnivore wastes can contain many pathogens dangerous to humans. But if we are to achieve true zero waste, we need to find simple solutions for the 4% of residential waste generated by our beloved pets. It's time to turn a new page.

Professional composting upcycles dog waste into a safe, useful product while diverting this nuisance material from walkways and landscape, landfills and streams. EnviroWagg, LLC is processing dog waste into Doggone Good Compost®, a safe and nutrient-rich soil amendment that greens up gardens, and Doggone Good Potting Soil Mixture, a high-quality potting soil for container plants.

Explore our website to find out more about what we’re doing in Colorado to reduce the carbon paw print of man’s best friend!


Eighty-three million dogs in the U.S. generate more than 11 million tons of waste each year.

U.S. recycling in a nutshell:
According to a recent US EPA report...
Americans generated about 250 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2012.
Almost 87 million tons was recovered.

Percentage of waste materials recycled or composted:
• Paper & paperboard 51.2% (44.36M tons)
• Yard waste 22.6% (19.59M tons)
• Metals 8.8% (7.62M tons)
• Glass 3.7% (3.2M tons)
• Plastics 3.2% (2.8M tons)
• Wood 2.8% (2.41M tons)
• Food residuals 2% (1.74M tons)
• Other 3.7% (21.33M tons)
53.8% of generated waste was discarded
34.5% was recovered
11.7% was combusted with energy recovery

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