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Summer is the time to start recycling pet poo

With 83 million dogs and 96 million cats in the U.S. alone, pet waste is a serious problem, polluting land and waterways and contributing upwards of 10 million tons of material to landfills every year. For years we’ve been told not to recycle dog and cat waste. But the fact is that, with due diligence, there are many ways to take your pet to near zero waste by diverting his or her waste from landfills.

Find ways to significantly reduce household waste by recycling your pet’s waste via The Pet Poo Guide: How to Compost and Recycle Pet Waste, a must-read for pet owners concerned about the environmental impact of their best friend. This book offers step-by-step instructions for eight ways to recycle and practical advice on choosing which one is the best solution for you.

The Pet Poo Guide: How to Compost and Recycle Pet Waste is now available online and at area book stores.   Are you ready to nudge your pets much, much closer to net zero waste?  Order your copy of the Guide today at Amazon, New Society Publishers, ebooks or your favorite book store.