Professional processing for high quality results

Each batch is thoroughly tested for safety

How to ensure a safe product

The key to destroying the most stubborn pathogens is large-volume commercial composting using high temperatures and due diligence. No external heat is applied. Facility managers simply provide
–  the right environment for thermophilic microbes to stimulate heat and impact every part of the material,
–  a great recipe balancing nitrogen- with carbon-rich materials plus natural enzymes to quicken the process, and
–  judicious turning to control heat, promote aeration, spread microbial nutrients, and infuse moisture.

Heat generated by thermophiles, which can reach 160 F at the center of a compost mass, is not the only factor in killing harmful pathogens. Other microorganisms that kick in during the cooling process produce antibiotics that destroy the pathogens. Those same natural antibiotics remain in the compost to suppress plant diseases and attract worms.   After cool-down, the entire batch “rests” or “cures.”  This invites a diversity of beneficial microorganisms that further sanitize and mellow the material, eliminating harshness.

Careful processing decreases ammonia and salt often associated with carnivore manure, making the compost mild enough for seed propagation. The finished product is tested to make sure it is “clean” by EPA standards for growing even edible crops.  We also make certain that it contains a balance of nutrients for healthy root and foliage development.

What is our process?

Professionals at Soil Rejuvenation in Longmont, Colorado prepare DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® inside a dedicated 40-ft. in-vessel turner.  This rotating enclosure exposes the source and bulking material to air while containing moisture and heat.  Thermometers embedded in the sides of the turner allow us to continually check temperatures as the material moves through the natural composting process.  The system gives Soil Rejuvenation the controls needed to produce a safe, consistent, high-quality product.

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