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Home-compostable bags for do-it-yourselfers

This is Sven. His owner founded Little Green Dog, a company that manufactures home-compostable pick-up bags that are helping Auckland divert dog waste from landfills. Most compostable bags are only certified for commercial recycling.

Todd O’Hara says he wanted dog owners to have a truly green alternative to plastic bags.“They enable dog owners to go from zero thought to zero waste by being able to take control of their own waste cycle.”

Auckland Council’s Amenities and Infrastructure Maintenance (AIM) Service provider is convinced and is working with Little Green Dog on Waiheke to close the pet waste recycling loop.

Where to buy EnviroWagg products

Doggone Good Potting Soil Mixture  is a perfect blend of peat moss, DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® (composted dog manure, pine bark, natural enzymes and mychorrizae for vigorous root growth) and vermiculite. This product performs exceptionally well as a planting medium in flower pots, containers and window boxes which require loose, fertile soil with good drainage. See how DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST® measured up to other premium compost in our petunia plant test.

We’re currently exploring new product lines – stay tuned!

Want to try out our potting soil mix? You can buy a sample of potting soil mix online in 15 oz. packages.  Use it to fertilize established plants or to pot new plants.