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When you pick up your dog’s poop with a plastic bag, tie it in a knot and chuck it in the trash, do you get an unsettling feeling that you’re hitting the can but missing the boat? Isn’t there a better way to dispose of this stuff?

If we want achieve true zero waste, we need to find simple solutions for the 4% of residential waste generated by our beloved pets. It’s time to turn a new page.

Professional composting is an elegant solution to an inelegant problem. Composting upcycles dog waste into a safe, useful product while diverting this nuisance material from walkways and landscape, landfills and streams. EnviroWagg, LLC is processing dog waste into Doggone Good Compost®, a safe and nutrient-rich soil amendment that greens up plants.

Dog poo from Cape Town beaches grows trees

The Scarborough Environmental Group collects dog poop at beaches and uses it to create compost for planting trees.  The group’s education head Hannah Hopper said anything that was organic could be composted and dog […]

South Australia pet lovers find win-win solution

An innovative group of dog lovers from Port Elliot, South Australia, recently teamed up with pet researcher Dr. Janette Young from the University of South Australia. The team devised a 12-week project to trial […]

Halifax to pilot dog waste compost program at a local park

Halifax – which already collects pet waste as part of its residential green bin program – will be trying something new according new in 2021. The details are still being worked out, but a […]

London, Ont. considers allowing dog waste in green bins

Four-legged Londoners just might be in luck. After years of debate and a pandemic-driven delay to London’s green bin program, city hall is finally charging ahead – weighing up the options to build a […]

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 Eighty-three million dogs and 96 million cats in the U.S. produce close to 16 million tons of waste each year.