About Our Company, Thoughts, and Goals

How, what and a bit of history

Envirowag good potting soil mixture and compostCleaner parks. A better planet and a win-win for everyone.


A Colorado initiative

Rose Seemann did the math and calculated the mountain of pet waste generated every year and its environmental impact  She incorporated EnviroWagg, LLC to explore ways to recycle this source material that had just two endgames: trash or potential pollutant. Brian Hoogland, owner of Soil Rejuvenation in Longmont, wanted to find out if dog waste had special properties as a plant nutrient.  He began experimenting with various bulking agents and natural enzymes to compost dog waste in test piles, following guidelines established by the EPA for pathogen reduction. His goal was not simply to produce a safe compost, but to transform dog waste into an exceptionally enriching soil amendment.

This was the start of Doggone Good Compost®, which we have test marketed at Denver area retail garden centers. We’ve done our own tests on plants with remarkable results!  Sam Johnson, owner of Pet Scoop, and his associates collect and deliver raw material to fuel our enterprise.  Terrance Galloway, our dedicated dog park waste hauler, rounds out our team.  We are planning to ramp up production, sales and distribution to cycle more dog waste back to nature and help produce beautiful plants!

Our business philosophy

Who we are

EnviroWagg is a socially conscious business dedicated to composting dog waste into a high quality soil amendment. Our products are safe, smell great, and offer a rich diversity of nutrients that produce robust plants. We believe that upcycling waste is the best way to decrease our pets’ environmental impact. And we do our best to operate in a sustainable way.

We also aim to

  • focus attention on the 16 million tons of dog and cat waste produced annually
  • foster community solutions for diverting this waste stream from landscape, waterways and landfills (Community Solutions)
  • encourage pet stewards to recycle waste and provide information on best practices (The Pet Poo Pocket Guide)