About Our Company, Thoughts, and Goals

How, what and a bit of history


Cleaner parks. A better planet and a win-win for everyone.

A Colorado initiative

In 2008 EnviroWagg began exploring ways to recycle dog waste that had just two endgames in Colorado: trash or potential pollutant. Over the years, EnviroWagg and its partners have explored ways to to effectively and efficiently transport, process dog waste and test the finished compost for safety and plant nutrients.

Brian Hoogland, owner of Soil Rejuvenation in Longmont, began experimenting with bulking agents and natural enzymes to compost dog waste in test piles, following guidelines established by the EPA for pathogen reduction. His goal was not simply to produce a safe compost, but to transform dog waste into an enriching soil amendment.

Sam Johnson, owner of Pet Scoop, the state’s largest pet waste management service, joined the team and began collecting dog waste from parks, hiking trails and dog daycares in the Denver-Boulder area. He contracts with residents, businesses, communities and municipalities, picking up waste bins and transporting it to Soil Rejuvenation for composting.

Our philosophy